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What keeps residents to have an easy, comfortable and convenient way of life is the superb facilities and amenities that their property makes available to them. Indeed, these amenities make a difference in the lives of the residents and their love ones. Often than not, the bonding moments are shared by families in the amenities that they make use of in the community. Pets are allowed here so for the pet lovers, you can take not of this. 

As one of its topmost priorities, this property has a 24-hour security. You and your love ones can feel safe and secure here. 

Indulge in the refreshing “Water Garden” landscape work along with amenities such as a tree house, hanging bridge, garden walkway and jogging trails. Surely, these views would calm all your senses as you take in the fresh air around you. Appreciate the beauty of nature and wander at all the refreshing sceneries around you. 

For the health buffs, do your own workouts here at their own gym with their latest modern gym equipment. The gym is literally in your own doorsteps so no need to enroll in expensive gym memberships outside. There will be no excuse for you not to do your own share of daily exercises as you hop, bend, jump, run, walk or flex. Mornings will never be the same again as you do your daily workouts here. Oh well, you can do these morning routines eveb with your family member. Definitely, that will be more fun, right?  

What’s special about TWO Serendra is that it has a day care center who can take care of the small kids whom the parents need to leave behind as they work or do an errand. You need not worry, as those who are assigned in the care of your kids are professional, warm and responsible. 

There are also function rooms within the property. Whether you are celebrating special milestones or occasions in your life - it is so convenient to do it right here within your doorsteps. You can book any of the functions rooms in the property as you enjoy and bond together with love ones, relatives and friends. 

Aside from the daycare, parents are in for a surprise – there’s a playground where their kids can play with siblings, friends or kids from the other units.  Such a comforting way so parents need not spend money and effort to go to the malls or recreational centers just to please their kids. It is just a step away from home. Let the kids play to their hearts’ content. Of course, kids can also have their own time at the kiddie swimming pool where they can play and frolic in the water when they’re off from school.  Parents and adults also have their own swimming pool as well as a game room where they can also do their own activities, have fun and bond with family, relatives and friends. 

For those who are leading an active lifestyle, it is but natural that you always want to be on the go, be hyper and doing your daily form of exercise, whatever that may be.  There are provisions for a semi-enclosed badminton court and basketball court within the condominium premises.  Residents can form their own badminton and basketball buddies. They can schedule badminton and basketball matches. Do your practice sessions here so it will be convenient. Schedule your team games and invite friends over so you can do your own kind of cheering for your friends’ or families’ teams. 

At Two Serendra,  there is no concern for all the amenities as there will be access for high-rise tower residents for those at the other 2  towers and there’s a walkway made just for that.

  • Gym
  • Day Care
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Pets Allowed
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24-hour Security
  • Playground
  • Game Room
  • Function Rooms
  • Basketball Court
  • Semi-Enclosed Badminton Court
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